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Insight is a line formulated in our laboratory to create a synergic action between the ancient wisdom of phyto-extracts and phyto-oils and the ethical choice to work using organic ingredients.
Nature is our source of inspiration.


Ozonated Water

Ozonated Water


Water is the key ingredient for creating our products, as well as being a carrier of the active ingredients and extracts of the formulas: for this reason for years Eley has treated the water for the productions with ozone. Some studies have confirmed that ozone, a molecule made up of three oxygen atoms, is a valid alternative to traditional agents such as chlorine and its compounds; compared to them ozone has higher oxidising power, making it effective against a wider range of bacteria. At low concentration levels ozone is non-toxic and returns to its original form (oxygen) in a short time, without leaving residues. Its use also guarantees rapid, safe, deep-down and completely ecological sanitation, making the water microbiologically pure, in the perfect condition to actively incorporate the functional principles.


Vegan Ok


The entire INSIGHT hair line is VEGAN OK certified, including the INCOLOR colouring line. This standard was established to foster the dissemination of a culture of respect for life and the environment, also in favour of those who are not vegans or vegetarians, so that such values can be a common heritage for all. Therefore, buying a product bearing the VEGAN OK logo on the label, the consumer implicitly receives a guarantee from the manufacturer that the product does not contain animal components and so it did not directly involve exploitation and killing of animals.

Organic extracts


The main functional active ingredients in our formulations are derived from organic agriculture, coming from certified crops. Combinations of naturally derived oils and butters then work in synergy with these extracts, increasing hair softness and nutrition. Selecting organic active ingredients means safeguarding the planet, protecting the workers who are part of the production chain and protecting the well-being of the final consumers.

Nickel Tested


All our formulas are nickel tested, ‹ 0.5 PPM, to guarantee greater safety in case of hypersensitivity.

High percentage of naturality


Our formulas contain a high percentage of natural derived ingredients. On average, more than 96% of the total formula is composed of raw materials of natural origin.

100% made in Italy


We like to emphasise our 100% Italian know-how: product quality is guaranteed, from the lab until delivery, in over 40 countries worldwide. A value that is a mark of distinction, perfection and style.

Insight Professional Ireland

Sls/sles free


All of our shampoos are formulated without SLS and SLES (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate), which are considered aggressive and potentially irritating surfactants. Instead we chose to use a gentler cleansing agent, SODIUM COCETH SULFATE, derived from coconut. Using a more dermo-compatible cleansing product means protecting scalp health and balance over time.

Mineral oils and petrolatum free


Petrolatum (Paraffinum liquidum) is a refined petroleum product with film-forming properties that prevents correct transpiration and oxygenation of scalp and hair. We opted to replace it, where possible, with more dermo-compatible, naturally derived ingredients with the same properties, but fewer unknowns to health. The skin and hair must be free to do the most natural thing possible, i.e. breathe.

Silicones free


Silicones are inorganic polymers derived from silicon that are produced through chemical synthesis processes. Although it’s true that they give immediate softness and shine to hair, thanks to their film-forming effect, they prevent the penetration of the active ingredients since they occlude the scales of the cuticle. That is why we eliminated them, where possible, from our formulations.

Parabens and MIT free


Parabens and MIT are preservatives that have become the subject of controversy. Scientific research has not yet taken a definitive stance on whether or not they are harmful. While awaiting a response that dispels all doubt, we decided to use some alternative preservative systems. In particular, we use a biodegradable mixture of fruit acids for all our shampoos: Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate. For masks and conditioners instead we use a preservative mixture composed of Benzyl Alcohol and a naturally derived softening agent, Glyceryl Laurate (derived from palm oil).

Allergens free (fragrances)


We chose to use only fragrances without allergens, so that our treatments will be as gentle as possible, even on the most sensitive scalps.

Synthetic colourants free


All INSIGHT products are without synthetic dyes, with the exception of one product (Anti-yellow shampoo) in which the use of dye is unavoidable because it performs an action needed for the formula to work.



100% recycled pet for bottles and jars


PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) is a lightweight and durable polyester which, thanks to its infinite recycling possibilities, possesses an excellent profile from the viewpoint of environmental sustainability. PET belongs to the family of thermoplastics, materials that are transformed by heat into very viscous liquids that are easily worked: they return to the solid state when the temperature is lowered. Since their structure does not undergo modifications, the material can be subjected more than once to remodelling processes using heat: this characteristic of PET makes it 100% recyclable and it becomes possible to transform it into rPET: we chose to use 100% post-consumer recycled PET for all bottles and jars of the INSIGHT line.

100% recycled pp for caps


All caps of Insight jars are made of 100% recycled PP.



Biobased PE for tubes


Our tubes are made of a biobased material derived from sugar cane.

Recycled PET for labels


All labels of Insight products in bottles or jars are made of a material that has a minimum content of 25% recycled PET resin.



We joined the RafCycle® project, sponsored by UPM Raflatac, a programme developed
for the recovery and valorisation of scraps of labels throughout their life cycle.

RafCycle® is an innovative recycling concept based on the reuse of scraps generated from adhesive labels to create new materials.

RafCycle® recovers the byproducts of adhesive labels, destined for incineration or disposal in landfills, and transforms them, giving them a new lease on life. It also reduces the amount of waste to be disposed of in landfills and offers countless advantages to printers, packagers and other operators in the label sector and, of course, to the environment. Processing waste from labels – scraps and matrices – are recovered and destined for waste-to-energy conversion at the UPM paper mills and used as fuel. Thanks to a technologically advanced process, siliconised backing paper is recovered and sent for recycling at the UPM paper mill to be transformed into new cellulose that will become new paper.

Love / Care / Life / Feel


Our packaging represents us, not only because of our choice of materials, but also with a message that identifies our philosophy:


LOVE for Nature and Planet

CARE Yourself

LIFE in the Natural Connection

FEEL your Inner Beauty