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Internal and external factors can lead to some disequilibrium of the physiological process of cell renewal of the scalp: this imbalance is the source of dandruff. To contrast it, Eley studied a treatment that combines an advanced technology to the properties of natural extracts for a sebum-balancing, purifying and refreshing action.

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Hair loss is a physiological process, which can be reduced through preventive actions. Eley Laboratories have developed an intensive program in two phases, with the aim to reduce and contrast hair loss.

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Sometimes the hair can look oily, shiny and heavy. This phenomenon is mainly due to factors of constitutional nature, that determine an abundant sebaceous secretion of the skin. Additional causes could be a stressful lifestyle, an unbalanced diet or the environmental pollution. In this case, it’s necessary to cleanse the hair by choosing a sebum-normalizing shampoo, that doesn’t stimulate a further activity of the sebaceous glands and purifies the irritated skin.